For SAGA evolution means automation linked to each injection equipment , mould divisions and check with camera and laser guarantee the quality of our product.


The "zero defects" target is the plus which guarantee SAGA high-quality standards.


SAGA deals with different polymers and technologies: gas injection, in-mould labelling, insert moulding and 2-3 k injection moulding.
The department, working on three shifts, can guarantee 130 working hours per week for each machine and 42 extra hours on weekends.
Our machines range from 1500 KN up to 42000 KN for a total of:- 49 moulding machines including 7 machines for bimaterial and trimaterial moulding.



  • Project: Laser sensor case
    Focus: BMG technology product

  • Project:  Car connector
    Customer: TE Connectivity
    Focus: Extremely detailed components
    very technical and complex

  • Project:  Automotive applications
    Customer: CEBI Group
    Focus: Bimaterial components,
    with overprinted fastons



The assembly department in SAGA aims to provide clients with a complete product in all its parts.

SAGA becomes the sole contact for its customers, this means optimization of the production phases, in accordance with the quality controls and the costs, having these steps:
• assembly of components
• ultrasonic welding
• special packaging of the products ready for sale
• tampography



As integration of the Post Processing, SAGA follows also the processes of soft touch and gloss paint and other finishes as chrome and tampography, are part of SAGA postprocessing used in highly aesthetic applications and design for household and home appliances.