At the forefront of technology for over 40 years


The production of moulds and the moulding of plastic materials has traditionally been SAGA’s core business.

Founded in 1978, SAGA was able to quickly capitalise on the experience gained by its members in the field of mould production for the injection of thermoplastic components. Thanks to quality workmanship and the use of the most advanced technologies, the company has progressed fast to a leading position in the sector.

Precision mould design and construction
Start of moulded components production
First contracts obtained from the automotive industry
First contracts obtained from the design industry
Building of second factory
Doubling of production area
New robotic islands, new assembly and post-processing workshop
Re-branding and purchase of fifth factory

The company’s headquarters are located in a covered area of 7,400 square metres, distributed in five different buildings. More than 100 people work there – the real added value of SAGA, thanks not only to their know how and acquired skills, but also to their problem-solving attitude and the close-knit and efficient teams that they have created.

1800 square metres’ plant for accessory processing

1000 square metres’ production plant

1800 square metres’ production plant and Headquarters

1000 square metres’ plant used as a finished products storage facility

1800 square metres’ production plant

Today, SAGA can rely on latest-generation automated systems, a highly qualified professional design department and an advanced organizational system, which coordinates and controls each company process in real time, ensuring uninterrupted process implementation.

In this way, SAGA can stay true to its mission of striving for constantly optimised performance, for the benefit of the industry of the future.